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Default Re: iPhone 4

My 3G started crawling when I updated the OS. So I popped for the 4. Love it. Where was that store again? Oh, let me pull over find their web site and get a map. Need to learn some new tunes for a gig this weekend? iTunes and then they're with me whenever I have a spare moment. Don't have to go looking for something else, it's in my pocket with everything else.

I probably went for the iPhone over other things for the convience of merging my iPod with a PDA with a phone. I really liked my old Palm but the phone versions were lame and alll the stuff I already had in iTunes was worthless.

I wish someone had a Graphiti like app for entering text, but I guess the sucess of other PDAs over the Palm showed that folks would rather push little buttons than remember a combination of upper and lower case shorthand.
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