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Default Re: Big Chunks Of Tomato In Tomato Sauce

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
Ok, just found this thread (clearly too much time on my hands). You smoothie guys are just pussies! You're obviously from the "everything must be disguised" brigade. I suppose you had the bits strained from fruit juice when you were kids. Everything's so processed now. Get off your lazy behinds and make your own stuff! By that, I mean grow the damn tomatoes as well. If you grow your own stuff, you won't want to see it mushed up until you can't work out what it is. Tomato puree, WTF is that all about? Most pre made sauces consist mainly of bloody puree, salt, sugar, & a bunch of chemicals.

As for Italian tomato sauces, I eat out in Milan about 4 times a year, & regularly stay with Italian friends & families, there's chunks everywhere! The Italians celebrate the tomato.
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