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Default Re: Get yo Meinl out!

I havent got individual pictures of my meinls but I own:

14" Byzance Dark Hi Hats
16" Gen-X Crash
18" Gen-X Crash
18" Gen-X Crash/Ride
14" Gen-X Filter China
16" Gen-X Filter China
12" Gen-X Safari Hi Hats
18" Gen-X Safari Ride
14" Mb10 Medium Hi Hats
16" Mb10 Medium Crash
20" Mb10 Medium Ride
16" Classics Crash
13" One Of A Kind Hi Hats
20" One Of A Kind Ride (the partially black one)
26" Custom Shop Ride

I think thats it. Of the other Meinls I have tried I was most impressed with the Dark Spectrum Hi Hats and the Jazz Club Ride. The extra drys are great too.

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