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Default Re: Drum Set Personality Types?

You may be on to something there however as far as brand names go it always seems who has been, well, branding. The kits I see most often on tv or modern videos are DW,Sonor or Pearl so I'm thinking that sets in a young drummers mind and decides his or hers choice. I have had 5 kits in my lifetime and would like to have any of them back, there were few similarities between them but they were all good. Personality might play a part in configuration and sizes but the rest I think is based on what seems popular at the time. My various kits all came as pre-owned and and sort of came to me out of the blue except the Sonor, I purchased them in a store.

First kit: Bolero's, the folks bought them for $75.
Second Kit: Ludwig Hollywoods, Pink Champagne
Third Kit: Fibes, real fibre glass covered with metal
Fourth Kit: Gresch, 18" Bass Drum, Silver Coating
Fitfh Kit: Sonor

Various snares are involved. Great kits and all quite different from each other.
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