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Default Re: Big Chunks Of Tomato In Tomato Sauce

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
Yes, I eat cake and sweets sometimes.
I also eat salted potato chips sometimes. Every now and then I have a Hamburger with Fries!
The thing is that I eat sugar and salt in moderation.
When everything that you eat and drink is loaded with added salt and sugar then it becomes a problem. Same goes for fat.
Americans are the fattest people on earth!
We also lead the world in diseases that are associated with over consumption of Salt, Sugar, and Fat!

I buy bread that has low salt and sugar in the dough.
Many breads are loaded with salt and sugar.
Luckily, most breads around here are still very, very low on sugar and salt. I was amazed how sweet typical bread was in some other countries.

When it comes to salt, I can do with or without, but the amount of sugar in various foods is getting just too much. It's almost impossible to find any fruit products that aren't 10% or more sugar for example. I'd like to taste the fruit that's supposedly inside, thank you very much. I've also stopped consuming most soft drinks because they are simply too sweet.
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