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Default Re: Big Chunks Of Tomato In Tomato Sauce

Originally Posted by Homeularis View Post
No Salt?.
Yeah, you lost me there. Salt is an absolute must. Almost always.

Or maybe you lost me with the dog crap.

No, I think both.

Plus, Sugar definately has its places and In some sauces in small quantities its good.
Many years ago I slowly cut out adding salt and sugar in the food that I prepared.
I soon began to notice that food that I didn't prepare tasted sweet and/or salty.
This is because processed food almost always contains salt or sugar because it is a cheap and easy way for food companies to make food taste good.
I now only buy low salt and low sugar products when I buy processed food.
I have adapted to a low salt and sugar diet and taste preference.

The practice of salting and sugaring food began as a means to preserve food back when refrigeration was not invented.
It is no longer needed today.
Restaurants add tons of salt, sugar, and butter to their food because people think that it taste good that way.
I only eat in restaurants that prepare diet food.

If you do as I did and you slowly cut salt and sugar from your diet you will feel the same way.
You will learn how to experience the real wonderful taste of food as it should be.
I kind of like old drums:)

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