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Default Re: Make it hard for their customers, the customers will avoid the stores.

Originally Posted by alparrott View Post
This is where I disagree with the showcase idea... how hard would it be for the showcase store to stock these common breakable items? This would also address the income issue to some extent.
By the way, thanks for reading and contributing to the thread, everyone.

The purpose of the show-case stores is to provide a way for the manufactures to show off their products. To show off things that most of the local stores do not carry. There will always be a place to buy a stick, or a head. There are local stores that offer lessons and the stick or head. But, we have seen from the discussions earlier that if I break a part on my pedel, the local stores do not carry the replacement parts, so we are back to the UPS/ FedEx special order.

To the manufacturer the show-case store would be very good advertising. The show-case stores could have discount coupons that are distributed at the show-case stores when the customer purchases online. This would then show how well the show-case stores are effective in showing off the products.

Sears used to have catalog stores, where the customers could order at the catalog store. Everything came through the mail. Occasionally the catalog store would act as a place to deliver the items to, it would be a temporary post office for the items.

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