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Default Re: Make it hard for their customers, the customers will avoid the stores.

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
So would several manufacturers get together and jointly run the kind of store you are talking about? Or would they hire someone to run it for them? Some manufacturers, like Yamaha, could easily fill a store just with their own stuff - pianos, drums, guitars, electronics, saxophones, violins. Would they sell accessories, like sticks and guitar picks and heads and strings and reeds? What if a customer liked an instrument so much, they wanted to buy it on the spot? That would help the bottom line, but after a certain point, you would have a traditional music store once again. A lot of manufacturers have agreements to only sell through retailers, so they retailers wouldn't like this. If someone wanted to just try something out, the store could direct them to online or local sellers who could provide the goods.
These stores would be “show-case” stores. They would not really sell anything, except an occasional over-used demo model that received too much attention from the locals. So selling used equipment would not interfere with the contract, if any, for the exclusive retail rights to an area.

The stores would show the products that the manufacturer does or does not sell at the GCs or the SAs stores because the GCs and SAs buy in bulk to get the discount and only have a limited inventory. Of course, there would be an occasion where the GCs and SAs happen to make a choice to sell an item that is also being displayed at the “show-case” store.

The consumer would then go on the internet and make the purchase. Unfortunately, the emergency guitar string, drum head or drum stick would have to wait for the UPS/ FedEx driver to arrive.

However, the “show-case” stores would be great for allowing drummers to see Aquarian heads because the local GCs and SAs usually only carry Remo or Evans.

It would be beneficial to have several manufactures use these “show-case” stores at one time. How do we get competing manufactures to use one store, I do not know. However, they all get together to show their wares in trade shows, and this would not be much different from that except they would be open all year. These are just details.
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