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Default Re: Big Chunks Of Tomato In Tomato Sauce

There is no Jar sauce that I like.
I have to make my own.
I par boil the tomatoes, I peel them. I then put them into my blender and I let it rip until the tomatoes are smooth.
Only then can I make my sauce.

The smooth sauce that comes in a jar doesn't have the big chunks of meat and other veggies that I like.
I have tried adding to them, but the flavor just isn't there.

The sauces that come in a jar that do have big chunks of meat and veggies, also have big chunks of tomato in them.
If I put those sauces into a blender, The chunks of the things that I like disappear!

That is why I have to make my own.
I kind of like old drums:)
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