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Default Re: Drum Set Personality Types?

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
It was tuned very high too, again, when others were tuning tuning slacker than Monica Lewinski.
Oh come now, Andy, a lot of gals would have done the same if a hunky president came on to them :)

Originally Posted by keep it simple View Post
my taste is getting much darker over the years. I used to go for bright, cutting sounds. I now look for depth & complexity. I'm not sure that says anything about me, other than I'm getting a lot older.
I think that happens a fair bit. In the 80s it was Paiste 2002 all the way. When I started up again I bought another 2002 to relive old glories and it was too bright for me ... now I have a Zil A and a Sabian HH. In the old days I wanted them to sound slick, now I prefer a touch of trashiness (yeah yeah, I can see the link).

I started out playing gigs with oddball kits - added rotos with a synth trigger, a throwaway cymbal that sounded like a China when turned upsidedown and clamped down tight, a shallow snare. Then I went conventional for about a decade. The Rhythm Traveller kick & toms I now use says I'm even cheaper than Jay is ... and I'm over lugging.
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