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Default Re: Drum Set Personality Types?

My drum sound requirements have remained the same from the start. I've always bucked the trend. In the early 80's, I used a piccolo snare drum when others were using snares the size of a small country. It was tuned very high too, again, when others were tuning tuning slacker than Monica Lewinski. I still use the same piccolo size, & remarkably, my 8, 10, 12, 14, 20 setup has remained unchanged apart from an additional 24" kick for some gigs back in the day. I suppose you could say I never did follow fashion, I cut my own path.

The same cannot be said of my taste in cymbals though. Although I still use my earl 80's Sabian HH hats, my taste is getting much darker over the years. I used to go for bright, cutting sounds. I now look for depth & complexity. I'm not sure that says anything about me, other than I'm getting a lot older.

I've always stuck with the natural beauty of wood finishes as my default cosmetic & sonic choice. Although I have flirted with wraps (chrome only), I still come back to that earthly comfort of a natural finish.
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