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Default Re: Make it hard for their customers, the customers will avoid the stores.

Originally Posted by Deathmetalconga View Post
While they wouldn't have to sell anything, they would still have to be staffed with trained employees, equipped, supplied, pay taxes and do everything else that a store does. In most cases, people want to be able to check out a wide selection of drums from different manufacturers. Store locations are enormously expensive to operate and they can only get by if they can generate enough traffic to justify their existence - even if it's just to trigger online sales. So far, the only way to do that is to have dedicated retailers who make a buck off drums, mics, cables, guitar picks, books, amps and anything else you could name.
Look at how much a manufacturer spends on introducing a new product. Let us take for example the Pearl Demon drive. They had trained Pearl personnel visit every one of their distributors to make sure they understood how to sell and use the product. How much is advertising worth now? Well in the olden days before the internet, it was very hard to track down and equate the cost of how much a TV commercial was worth to the sale of a product. Now with computers to calculate, track and monitor these costs, manufacturers could easily see if it was worth it.

These show-case stores do not have to be devoted to just one brand of musical instrument either. Nor, do they have to be devoted to just one type of musical instrument.

There were several store fronts that used to exist to just test how consumers felt about products. I used to see these in the malls. They had college kids, and house wives confront you when you came into the malls. They had regular people write reviews about new products. I never paid attention to that stuff, but obviously in the days before computers and the internet, and everyone Googling each other, it was hard to track sales figures. These stores did not generate anything except data for the manufactures of the test products.

These are just the details to making something like this work. It seems to be the alternative to the GCs and Sam Ash stores. Hopefully, I will see the end of them in my lifetime.

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