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Default Re: Show Off Your DW Kit

A bit of an update from me. I thought this thread would be the most appropriate.

Added a few extra things to the kit. I'm now running an 8" roto tom alongside my 10" tom as my two racks, and have discarded the 12" for now. I've also picked up an AAX 19" Xplosion crash, which is over my ride. The full specs are:

DW Collector's in Ebony Satin Oil w/ Gold Hardware

14x12 FT
16x14 FT
Brady 14x6 Jarrah Ply Snare
Metro 10x6 Jarrah Block Snare
8" Roto Tom.

Cymbals (l to r)
18" HHX Evolution Crash
8" A Custom Splash
14" HHX X-Celerator Hihats
18" AAX Xplosion Crash
10" stack (Stagg myra splash over Radia Splash)
10" HHX Splash
21" HHX Dry Ride
19" AAX Xplosion Crash
18"/20" stack (A Custom Projection Crash over Bosphorus Traditional China)
20" HHX China

Sorry about the quality - iPhone photo. My SLR camera was flat, I'll post some better pics tomorrow.
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