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Default Re: Bands or acts you regret missing before they passed away

These are listed but are in no particluar order.

1. Nirvanna
2. Alice in Chains- Staley era
3. Journey- S. Perry/S. Smith era
4. Elvis
5. Metallica- Newstead era
6. Queen
7. Boston
8. Pearl Jam- D. Abbruzzesse era. I'll probably get flamed for this but i'm just not impressed with M. Cameron as PJ drummer. JMO
9. Ozzy- R. Rhoads era
10. Guns & Roses- Classic lineup
11. Kiss- Classic lineup
12. Iron Maiden- Clive Burr era. I don't have a problem with Nickos' playing i just enjoy listening to Clive on the early records.
13. Van Halen- Hagar era. This is another one i'll probably get flamed for. I was never a fan of Roth. I always thought that guy was an idiot( all those spinning kicks and crap was just stupid IMO) and his voice gets on my nerves. I much prefer Hagar over Roth JMO.
14. Lynyrd Skynyrd- Classic lineup
15. AX7- The Rev era
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