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Default Re: Bands or acts you regret missing before they passed away


Van Halen reunion with Hagar. I had just bought a house, and couldn't afford the ticket at the time.

The Police reunion. I would have gone, but tickets started at $200. It wasn't worth it, but it would have been nice.

Big regret was the Who in the mid 90's. The band had stripped away all the excess backing players and went more old school. It also ended up John Entwistle's last full tour. I missed because I was so busy my own gigs. I bought a ticket for their next tour, but John passed away mere days before I was supposed to see them. I'm still depressed over that one.

If I had been born another time or had a time machine:

The Who cira 1968/69. Live at Leeds in such an incredible album, and it would be awesome to see them in that time period.

The Who circa mid-70's. The clips in "The Kids are Alright" from that time period show the band had just gone to another level. Awesome.

Journey, from when Steve Smith was still in the band. Just cause.

Zeppelin. Not the biggest fan, but I'd love to have seen John Bonham in person.

Gene Krupa. Such a talent.

If I could travel back in time for a moment, go back to the 20's and see how guys like Zutty Singleton were doing it, back when the drum set was still a new concept.
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