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Default Re: Marco Minnemann

Even Bozzio admits that Marco reigns supreme with independence. Read Bozzio's recent interview in MD.

There are several drummers with high level independence but Marco is throwing it all together with polyrhythms, odd time sigs, odd note groupings, frequent meter changes etc.

Virgil is also doing crazy stuff at this level as well. (His "separating both sides of the body" technique)
I have to say, Virgil might be even badder than Marco

Marco really is a mutant, however. I mean, I saw him playing eighths with one limb, triplets with another, 16th's with the third and quintuplets with the fourth limb. AND he can assign any one pattern to any limb at any time. Who even plays music like that???

Check out the video Extreme Drumming. The solo at the end is awe-inspiring.
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