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Default Re: Make it hard for their customers, the customers will avoid the stores.

Originally Posted by bobdadruma View Post
This is exactly what I am talking about.
A store that only had demonstration merchandise.
A store that only had highly trained staff.
Of course, we would have to pay for this in the price of the products that we bought there.
Drum companies don't want to invest in this currently.
There simply aren't enough people buying drums and other musical instruments to warrant this.
Thats the problem, Apple can do this because there are many people that buy computers.
When you buy Apple you pay a high price for the product partially because of the store network that apple has.
There aren't enough people that buy Ludwig drums to justify having a Ludwig store, etc.

The drum manufactures are able to make a profit by selling to the chain stores like GC and the Sam Ash, why could they not make a profit showing their products directly to the public? The chain stores have their mark up in price from what they purchase the product.

These show-case stores would not be in every location. The show-case stores do not need to sell anything, except perhaps an occasional purging of their demo models. Since the internet is doing very well and allowing all of us to shop for the best price, the show-case store will just let us, touch and feel the equipment before we make the purchase.

Personally I have been looking forward to going to Dale's drums shop, which is a three and a half hour drive for me. I would certainly make the same trip to one of these show-case shops. My goal in going to Dale’s drum shop is to see what is available and compare products. Dale’s drum shop would have to allow me to compare the prices on the internet when I get home, and then if their prices are better I will make the purchase from Dale’s over the internet. When I arrive at Dale’s, I may be ignorant of competitive prices for something I see there that I like. I assume, I will feel a little pressure, most likely, to make a purchases there. This is just the nature of the business, Dale’s is a retail shop.

When I arrive at the show-case shop, I will not be under pressure to purchase there, because the Pearl, Gretsch, Ludwig or another manufacturer will benefit from a sale through the internet at any place I make the purchase. Unlike the apple stores, these show-case stores really do not have to sell anything. The apple stores also offer a repair shop.
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