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Default Re: Get yo Meinl out!

The sand ride to me is the perfect ride and does exactly what Benny designed it to do (if you watched his ad on it) I only wish it came in a 22 or 24 version, since i'm a fan of bigger cymbals.....I really enjoy moving around the ride to get different sounds out of it while i'm playing it. It has a very pronounced musical bell that is one of my favorite bell sounds so far that i've played. And just the right amount of wash....I walked by this ride about a month before i bought it and loved it the first time i struck it. I'm really happy with it.
I can't really expand on the sound characteristics because i haven't played it in about 3 weeks.....
If i had a complaint, it would be the finish, since all my other Meinl's have that rustic finish, it would have been nice to have the ride match, but that's the OCD in me...

I'll get some pictures and post them here when i have them set up with my Craviotto kit. That might be another 5 weeks or so yet at least. I'm still waiting on the 10" tom and the 24" bass drum to come in.
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