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Default Re: Make it hard for their customers, the customers will avoid the stores.

Originally Posted by 0neyellowdrum View Post
Not disagreeing but how do you explain and marry that idea to all the arguments and comments regarding GC putting all the Mom+Pops out of business? If M+P's have better service, better educated staff, better return policies and better selection then why would anyone not buy from them and buy at GC instead?
People evidently think GC has the best prices. they assume it. Just like everyone assumes WalMart has the best prices. Some stuff, yes, some stuff, no. So people gravitate towards GC and Sam Ash thinking that since they have the buying power, their prices must be low. A perfect example is Best Buy, who has probably the most ironic name in the business.

My point is that GC cannot prosper unless they have an abundance of customers.People chose to shop there rather then at the local shop. The lack of customers, the choice of these customers is what closes down the M+P's
GC hasn't prospered for some time, but I'll agree that they tend to have the abundance of customers (mostly for the reason I stade above.) I can't say that all of those customers got the value they probably wanted. But yes, the small shops suffered, but it's not like they weren't trying to compete. The ones that did are mostly still hanging in there. The ones that didn't went under, and probably wondered why.

I agree. The time is right for GC to step up their game.

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