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Default Re: Make it hard for their customers, the customers will avoid the stores.


I don't think anyone is crying about GC, just pointing out some of GC's issues that they (GC) also lament about.
You're right of course Poor choice of word.

The idea that GC has "the best price" is just silly

Not disagreeing but how do you explain and marry that idea to all the arguments and comments regarding GC putting all the Mom+Pops out of business? If M+P's have better service, better educated staff, better return policies and better selection then why would anyone not buy from them and buy at GC instead?

And I don't know which other musicians have put independent stores out of business, but but certainly hasn't been me. I make a number of trips to my local GC because of proximity, and visit Sam Ash for the same reason. But I make an equal or greater amount of trips to various other small stores and drum shops, where I make more frequent purchases because they have a better selection and typically, better prices.
As stated in my previous post, I am not pointing my finger at any individual.
My point is that GC cannot prosper unless they have an abundance of customers.People chose to shop there rather then at the local shop. The lack of customers, the choice of these customers is what closes down the M+P's

BTW, I have an excellent grasp on the difference between price and value, and I never automatically equate them. I always opt for the best value.
I do, as well, and this is how real salespeople sell. Again, I was not pointing individual fingers. Sorry if you took it that way.

It pains me to see the small shops fail, and GC not pick up the slack in the process (which right now is a real financial burden.) Neither is good for the musician.
I agree. The time is right for GC to step up their game.

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