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Default Re: Make it hard for their customers, the customers will avoid the stores.

really? huh, i had no idea i didn't know the difference between value and price.
Sorry, I wasn't pointing a finger at any individual.

so even though the music store i frequented on a regular basis, guys who i'm still friends with, went out of business becuase of gc.
Sorry for that. Please explain to me how GC put them out of business. Is it because an abundance of buyers quit shopping at the store you frequented?

the second store i went to also went out of business becuase of them
Doubly sorry there.

, now i'm stuck with them becuase they're the only game in town anymore, it just so happens to be my fault. awesome! i guess i'm reaping the consequences of my buying practices for not shopping there till there was no place left.
I think you are taking my rant way too personal. Not my intention.

i suppose your also going to try to tell me they didn't buy out their competition
Not sure what you mean by this. Are you saying GC paid these 2 stores to go out of business, sort of a business deal?

i spent a lot of money in that store, and had good relations with some of the people there. but damned if i'll get screwed and ripped off and then accept blame for it too. nonexistant emapthy noted and easily done without

Look at why you spent ' a lot of money' in that store and ask yourself why you did not spend it with your friends store (some friend you are;) That may be a reason your 2 stores closed down. These 2 stores can't even get their friends to buy there.

Listen I am not out to denigrate anyone. Maybe my language was too strong and poor choice of words (cry) Sorry for that.
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