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Skill says nothing about one's musicality. It is just a indication that a musician can, if needed, use his/hers instrument to it's full potential. If with few skills you can still make good music, you're no less of a musician than a extremely well skilled musician who's only capable of playing the instrument fast with no 'feel'.

Meg White is good. Not bad, not amazing either, just good. She does what's needed and nothing more. And she does that well. I won't list her in my top 10 though. Not just because of her elledged lack of skill, but also because her drum compositions are too simple for me to be inspiring. Still I won't call her bad, because her work with the White Stripes fits the music fine.

I know of many, many drummers who play as basic and simplistic as she does, but do not nearily get the same amount of bashing she gets. Funny, 'cause I am usually front in line to (constructively!) critisize those musicians for underplaying.
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