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Default Re: "Musicians music"

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
A rather cynical and angry perspective. I can certainly derive the inspiration from music, but a song doesn't have to be inspired for me to enjoy it. I don't search or need or insist on reasons to like or dislike music. I either like something, or I don't.

Maybe cynical and angry towards "popular" music. I see "pop" music as a machine; science-like. You get the formula, hit ENTER, and out comes a tune. It was perfectly executed, but has no pulse. ... Doesn't mean it can not be enjoyed, its just passive, momentary; the deep appreciation isn't there. Obviously this article was written by someone who considers thyself an artist in the deepest respect. ... But I'm with you, I need no reason to enjoy any song, or any piece of creativity whatever it may be.
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