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Default Re: "Musicians music"

Originally Posted by Jeremy Bender View Post
I may be the only one here that feels this way but here it goes... I really don't like music that mostly only musicians (read drummers) get into.
I just watched a super duper drum battle (I can't believe we still have those) chops-fest/ drummer-music videos and it just bores the hell out of me.

It seems like the majority of people in the audience are drummers and not people going to hear well crafted compositions played by a band or an ensemble. Give me a concert any-day over a clinic.

It's probably just the fact that drum battles are a real turn-off for me and having to listen to them being played over an ostinato jazz/rock groove makes for a miserable listening experience.
I think you are comparing apples & oranges, Jeremy.

I think drummer videos, drum battles, and chop-fests are not intended to be music in the strictest sense of the word. The audience is generally a common interest group looking at it very clinically. The music is playing a very functional role, supporting the artists skill demonstration. Kind of like dog shows, your'e not looking at a pet, you are looking at a perfect tail or a nose.

Musician's music is a whole different bowl of wax though. I often wonder about that. Is complexity and compositional sophistication an indicator of that? perhaps, but I can think of exceptions to the rule both ways.

Beethoven, Chopin, Mozart.. very complex music loved by millions of non musicians. Zappa, Weather Report, Return to Forever very complex, very musician music with perhaps fewer takers, but then again, the Beatles very complex music loved by millions.

Steely Dan, extremely complex music which is essentially designed to be easy listening pop music.

Great thread... be interesting to read other opinions..

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