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Default Re: "Musicians music"

Originally Posted by Jeremy Bender View Post
I may be the only one here that feels this way but here it goes... I really don't like music that mostly only musicians (read drummers) get into.
That's generally true for me as well. I basically like music if it moves me or makes me feel good. I don't qualify it by genre, or whether it's commercial, or whether the drummer or guitar or piano player is playing enough notes to make some sort of statement. I'm basically fine with anything from Abba to Zappa, as long as I happen to actually like it. That is, I don't automatically love or hate everything that Abba, or Zappa (or The Beatles, or Gentle Giant, or Count Basie) did. Each song stands or falls on its own in my book.

Typically though, I don't favor complicated music. It requires too much mental interpretation, and takes away from the enjoyment of simply listening. So with Zappa for example, I can listen to some things over and over, while I gave parts of Shut Up And Play Yer Guitar a perfunctory listen, and it's been collecting dust on the shelf ever since.

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