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Default Re: New DW PDP X7 All Maple 7 Pieces Drum Set!

Originally Posted by Furious Blaster View Post
Hahaha, Thanks man!

Donīt be jealous, maybe you can get your dream setup too! i know it takes money and effort but it should pay off!

I LOVE THOSE HI HATS, as you can see they are my main hats, if you want you can check out one of my videos so that you can hear the sound, sounds like a good deal to get 15īs what do you like to play? Genre wise.
I'm into Indie, Rock, and some weird Experiemental things. Where can I listen to your drumming?
Gretsch Catalina Jazz Club in Natural Satin. Sabian AAX,HHX,XS20 cymbals.
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