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Default Re: Make it hard for their customers, the customers will avoid the stores.

Originally Posted by 0neyellowdrum View Post
I couldn't disagree more. Until the internet can provide instantly, a look, a touch, a feel and a listen it will only be a purchase portal. It relies on the brick and mortar stores to do all the work.
That's actually another very heated thread...

GC catered to the starving musician who was only looking for the best value (read here best price). A majority of musicians fell into the same mindset thinking that the best price is the best value. GC put a great many of independent music stores out of business is a false premise. Musicians put those independents out of business. I have no empathy for those who cry about GC. Those who are crying are just reaping the consequences of their own buying practices.
I don't think anyone is crying about GC, just pointing out some of GC's issues that they (GC) also lament about.

The idea that GC has "the best price" is just silly. Apart from the occasional loss-leaders and discontinued items, and standard 50% off some consumables, their everyday prices are quite average and even high. Perhaps some of that is just a strategy for customers who want to ask for a better price, and then GC throws them a 10% bone. Recently, there was a supposed policy where department managers checked competitors' prices on a daily basis, and would print new tags to show that they matched (or beat) the lowest price a customer might find elsewhere. But I never saw any evidence of that.

And I don't know which other musicians have put independent stores out of business, but but certainly hasn't been me. I make a number of trips to my local GC because of proximity, and visit Sam Ash for the same reason. But I make an equal or greater amount of trips to various other small stores and drum shops, where I make more frequent purchases because they have a better selection and typically, better prices.

BTW, I have an excellent grasp on the difference between price and value, and I never automatically equate them. I always opt for the best value.

And although I have enough endorsements that you'd think I never need to walk into a store at all, I manage to spend a lot of money over the counter. So the state of retail and how some stores operate is important to me. It pains me to see the small shops fail, and GC not pick up the slack in the process (which right now is a real financial burden.) Neither is good for the musician.


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