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I guess things like guitar hero etc are good ways to ruin the music industry too, as it allows people to falsely believe they can play an instrument when they can't. Everyone wants to be a star but most arent prepared to do the work that is required, so ways are invented to make you feel like one when you are not. What about the world championship for air guitar? What the hell is that all about? Maybe white stripes aren't that bad after all.
I get so much enjoyment from playing and listening to music and I listen to every instrument in the band (including the vocalist). I am sure most of the general public only hear the surface of the sound. They are missing the real beauty of music. I kinda feel sorry for them.
P.S. I won't listening to any more white stripes.
I love my Le Soprano Pro Maple drums with the addition of a Brady 14 x 6.5 jarrah snare.
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