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Yep ok, LB, it's confirmed that you're a grouchy old bugger and the condition was hereditary :)

As long as I've been alive, skill has never been a determinant for popularity. I remember when Tony Orlando and Dawn's Tie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Old Oak Tree was No1 and Jud Strunk's Daisy a Day was No 2 in the Top 40. That was 1973, when these albums were released ...

LOL ... I mean, the world bought more of that shit than Miles ... the world is absurd, it always has been absurd and always will be. Justice only exists as a happy accident.

As an old fart I'd rather kids take up drums and play approachable WS covers in the garage than sit behind their PC and do stuff like this ... trouble is, their neighbours probably won't.

Whatever, I enjoy a number of WS tunes and couldn't give a rat's posterior how talented or otherwise they are, so I listen to the studio versions rather than the live ones because I prefer it. Their live shows are popular so they probably generate a good vibe that doesn't translate to recordings.
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