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I realize everyone has their own tastes in music, and I enjoy many styles. I play in a couple of decent blues bands that have some awesome musicians in them. I also play in a band that does top 40 covers from the last 4 decades from Led Zepplin to John Mayer and I really enjoy that as well. I was brought up on jazz. I have tried to see what the fuss about the white stripes is for the last couple of days, and I as a musician think they are ordinary at best and some of it terrible. I have been in particular watching the live stuff, as this gives you a true indication of how good a band is. I went to see Jeff Beck and his band last year, plus Steeley Dan, and was blown away by the skills and tightness of them. My late father, was a very talented saxaphone player, and in fact was always the first to be called when the big international performers like Sammy Davis Jr etc came to my city, to play in their orchestras. He used to get so angry and frustrated how most of the skillfull musicians around the world were often overshadowed by low skilled ones that could portray an image. I now know how he felt. I truly think that when music videos became an essential part of the music world, ordinary music skills became acceptable to the general public as they want to be visually and sexually stimulated. Thank god there are still plenty of awesome musicions out there for some of us to aspire to, and drive us to improve our skills even if only for self satisfaction.
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