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Thing is, LB, what Meg plays works because that's how the whole thing is designed - it's just a post-punk sensibility, choosing expression over being impressive. The rawness is all part of the charm - and the band does have charm, which is why heaps of people love the WS.

It comes down to not letting lack of skill stop you from expressing yourself. This translates to kids being encouraged to play, thinking "Hey, I can do that!" ... and then once they can do that, some will go on to more advanced stuff. I'd rather that than drum machines. Some young 'uns may well get carried away on YouTube and say that Meg's the most bestest most awesomest drummer in the whole world but we all know about the QC of YouTube comments :)

I don't care about musical talent anywhere near as much as I care about the aural candy. I don't need musicians to be admirable, I just want them to please me. Most bands I enjoy have admirable skillsets, but not all ...

I loved reading Herman Hesse's deep and brilliant Steppenwolf and Siddhatha, but at the same time I also love Anita Blake Vampire Hunter trash erotica horror ... and at the same time I find great appeal in both Mahivishnu Orchestra and The White Stripes.

Yeah, I think you're probably becoming a grouchy old bugger, but I get grumpy too, what with aches and pains, being unable to do all I used to do, wrinkles, less energy - we've earned the right to be grouchy :)
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