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Default Re: Make it hard for their customers, the customers will avoid the stores.

Originally Posted by 0neyellowdrum View Post
I couldn't disagree more. Until the internet can provide instantly, a look, a touch, a feel and a listen it will only be a purchase portal. It relies on the brick and mortar stores to do all the work.
GC catered to the starving musician who was only looking for the best value (read here best price). A majority of musicians fell into the same mindset thinking that the best price is the best value. GC put a great many of independent music stores out of business is a false premise. Musicians put those independents out of business. I have no empathy for those who cry about GC. Those who are crying are just reaping the consequences of their own buying practices.
Done with rant.
really? huh, i had no idea i didn't know the difference between value and price. so even though the music store i frequented on a regular basis, guys who i'm still friends with, went out of business becuase of gc. the second store i went to also went out of business becuase of them, now i'm stuck with them becuase they're the only game in town anymore, it just so happens to be my fault. awesome! i guess i'm reaping the consequences of my buying practices for not shopping there till there was no place left.

i suppose your also going to try to tell me they didn't buy out their competition cuz they were biting too much into their sales by educating the customers, or that it's the musicians fault for them miseducating customers just to move product out the door, or pushing off used gear as new, or promising return policies on used gear even though they knew in advance there was no chance of it, or claiming when a return was justified that the customer "broke" the item just to avoid giving back the money, or advertising these huge sales every weekend even though the price had not changed at all. yep those are all perfectly legit business practices adn gc holds no blame in anything. it's all the musicians...

i spent a lot of money in that store, and had good relations with some of the people there. but damned if i'll get screwed and ripped off and then accept blame for it too. nonexistant emapthy noted and easily done without.
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