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Thanks, Karl. This is an awesome feedback, I have the feeling that Jack, can become an outstanding drummer in nowadays, why not?

Originally Posted by KarlCrafton View Post
Years ago, Jack used to play in the band Goober and the Peas around Detroit.

Dean Fertita from Dead Weather is from the Detroit area also, and played in a few bands I knew.
He was also in the band Reindance with some of my friends back around "89-'90-ish. That band was on the first Real World on MTV because the singer Andre was a cast member (he said the show was soooo fake, and never participated in anything other than "the show"). It doesn't show on any wiki-type thing though.

Dean also plays in QOTSA, and sometimes in Eagles of Death Metal, but he didn't play with Eagles when my band did a show with them (but Joey Castillo was the drummer, and a very cool guy).

I like Jack's drumming style in DW, & I like the set up he's got.
A 16" snare might be a little something to get used to though haha!
The back of beyond ...
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