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Originally Posted by Late Bloomer View Post
Reading posts praising the white stripes really scares me as a musician. Their live sound is very average. Megs drumming skills are basic at best. Her singing is aweful. People say her "awesome" drumming fits with the bands sound. What a crock. As many skilled drummers on this forum would know, you don't have play complicated beats to groove. She does not groove.
This is where the music industry is just so wrong. There are so many great bands around the place that play to almost empty rooms, yet bands like the white stripes play on the big stage to massive crowds and probably make a fortune from it.
I don't think anyone here said Meg had "awesome" drumming skills. You're just making that up, aren't you?

And the WS represent what's wrong with the industry? I always thought live music - even *eek!* minimalistic live music played by an *ugh!* untrained woman - was better for the scene than drum machines, sequencers, DJs and gaming machines reducing musicians' opportunities ... if the popularity of simple grunge blues like this is what's wrong with the industry I'll eat my hat.

Meg being voted in the top 500 drummers is pretty funny, though. I expect that she thinks so too. Anyone who lets themselves get upset about Top X lists is going to spend a lot of time being annoyed IMO - they're always nonsense.
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