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Default Re: Make it hard for their customers, the customers will avoid the stores.

Originally Posted by Pollyanna View Post
The trouble with online shopping for me is you lose the experience of going into a drum shop and having that Adventures in Fantasyland feeling. Oh well, times change and it was good while it lasted ...
OK, Let's talk about the fantasyland feeling.

I get in my truck.

I fight traffic for 30 to 60 mins

I park, lock, hide all of my things like my iPod, radio faceplate, etc.

I walk into the music store

The drum department is full of kids hitting everything in sight and making so much noise that I couldn't hear a cymbal if I wanted to

None of the drums are tuned

It never fails, No matter what I want to look at there will be someone standing there looking at the same thing

I buy $20 worth of heads, sticks, or another cheap thing.

I have to show my receipt to the doorman to leave the store

I go home

I spend $10 on fuel round trip

OK, Now the net experience

I make a vodka on ice

I open my laptop

I look

I click buy

I use PayPal

I get my receipt and tracking # via email

I wait four days

I even gave my UPS driver the code to my garage door so he puts the boxes inside for me.

I come home from work and its Christmas!

If there is a problem, I send it back without leaving home.
I kind of like old drums:)
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