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Default Re: Make it hard for their customers, the customers will avoid the stores.

Originally Posted by bermuda View Post
And thanks to online competition, the small shops began offering really great prices (which they weren't always doing until recently,) so the idea that their prices are high is old school.
I really want to believe this is true.

I used to frequent a shop in Seattle that had great prices and excellent customer service.

Unfotunately, I've since moved and haven't found any place like that. I have a local drum shop here that has decent prices but I wouldn't go to them for any drum-related info; they just don't seem to be that educated.

I started a thread a while back about local shops having obscenely high prices. I just returned from a short trip to Northern California where I found the same thing. I found a K crash cymbal that I've wanted for a long time but the $495 price tag was a bit steep. They also prominently featured your standard LP Black Beauty cowbells on a rack for $77. I just walked out after that. I realize small shops need to cover expenses but that is ridiculous.
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