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Default Re: Make it hard for their customers, the customers will avoid the stores.

i'd really like to know where these good sales people are. we have 5 guitar centers within an hour drive of me and i've been to all of them for various reasons. last time i set foot in a guitar center i was talking to the sales guy in the drum dept. (supposed to be the drum tech/supervisor) asking him questions about various products. (this is where i expect them to know SOMETHING about what their selling and really have no desire to feel superior to them) so i ask "what do you carry as far as yamaha?" i get back a very puzzled "the motorcycle company? they don't make drums"

i should feel sorry for these people? i should spend my money locally with info like this? i used to spend a lot of money in guitar center, like 10 g's in one shot a lot of money. i knew the general and regional manager by name and had their home phone numbers. they opted to fire their knowledgeable higher payed people in favor of highschool kids who didn't play at all for minimal pay. i've had these kids try and rip me off, lie to me and in general just try and squeeze every penny out of me they could. seriously if the place was on fire, i'd go get marshmellows.....

our one dedicated drum shop tried to jack up the price on a kit i went to look at $1000 over LIST because i told him i was just learning and was looking for a good price on a decent kit. apparently that means i'm too dumb to have researched anything before i went into his shop. sorry have no sympathy for him either.

the other drum shop, not completely dedicated but mostly. i go into to buy new heads, he quotes me almost $350 for 13 heads. i tell him i can get the same heads off mf for a little over $200. he replies with "so?".... no lost love there either.

i have one music store, similar to guitar center in size and selection but it's a single store not a chain. i'll go there if i need something right now and can't wait, if they don't have it or i can wait a week i will gladly buy online. if that means i buy something i don't really like and end up reselling it a month or 2 later, so be it.

most of the local guys have been going down hill for years and i actually hope they go under, hopefully some new guys will come in and open shop with some half way decent sales staff and some customer friendly practices. until then i'll continue to take my chances buying blindly off the internet.
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