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Originally Posted by ewanlaing
i have to agree about the fuel solo. i was not impressed. i think most people here could have played that. on my blink dvd there is a higher quality version of the other solo on this site and it's much better. at one point, you can't even tell what he's doing it's so fast. was he controlling the lights with a pedal for that fuel solo? cos he never moves his high hat pedal and theres a little mechanism next to him. that would explain a lot. anyone know?
I can clear this up, sorry if someone else already did. Travis broke his right ankle skateboarding, and had to buy a double pedal. He used his left foot for the bass drum along with the trigger next to his hi hat. Thats what you saw his left foot doing and the light was lined up with the music. If you listen carefully you can hear the music he's playing along with. That is also why he has a hi hat on the right side of his floor tom.

Hope this clarified this matter.

As for Travis or Tre? I personally prefer Travis. I have learned most of the songs. I know that if it wasn't for him, I wouldn't be nearly as good as I am today. Just emulating what he plays works out chops and endurance. I just enjoy listening to a good drummer play. Not to say that Travis is the only good drummer. Not by any means. I am speaking of any good drummer. I just get into it.
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