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Default Re: Make it hard for their customers, the customers will avoid the stores.

You bring up some very interesting points. I think you hit on the reasons why they do what they do. Most likely the large chain stores will get large discounts when they purchase in bulk. Then they just squeeze the customers into that mold of buying what they have.

When I was growing up, a thousand years ago, all I knew of what existed in drum equipment was what the stores had. Now with the miracle of the internet, I can find things that I only dreamed about before.

Word of mouth does not travel as fast as the internet. In the days before Internet (BI), the greatest new product would have to go through those large chains like Sam Ash to get the customers to see it. Now a new product can catch on very quickly through many tools available on the internet.

I like what you are saying about pricing problems being “Old School.” I can still compare the prices and find some better options on the internet and save about 20% larger ticket items. Perhaps your local GCs have better deals than mine do. That is the power of the internet. It makes us all aware of other options out there.

But, don’t you think that the chain stores are still stocking their shelves and offering selections like it was still 1985, where the stores also controlled what new products you were able to see?

Where I am I have GC stores and a few other chains, and even then the nearest is 25 miles. But, I have not seen too many empty shelves on any of these stores. I just see duplicates of the same product on all the shelves. Perhaps, your stores are in the process of stocking up for the holiday events to come.

I do feel sorry for the people who work for these stores and I do not wish to project any malice to them. They are for the most part musicians who can not find work and this is a job sort of in the music field. One lady I was talking to just graduated college and received a masters in performing arts in music. It is sad that the job at GC is all they can find and selling on commission is a tough thing to do.

I was having trouble finding rides at the GC stores too. I found that when I took a chance and bought some good old Zildjians from the 60’s and 50’s on Ebay I was very satisfied.
Ebay is also a good source, as you most likely know, for parts of drums as well.

Thanks for the response,

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