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Default Re: Steve Morrison - pro drum tech (Tommy Lee)

Originally Posted by ECVail
Those pics are fantastic. What an amazing production.

With the tour starting up again, I was wondering if you had any favorite venues? Both from a performance standpoint, and also personally. I realize you probably don't get to spend much time hanging out, but are there certain cities you enjoy visiting while on tour?

Thanks again for being so willing to answer our questions!
No problem! I find it very rewarding that someone is interested in this stuff as much as I am. My all-time favorite venue would have to be Saitama Super Arena, right outside Tokyo, JPN. It's such a state-of-the-art palce with tons of space behind the deck.. Plus the local stagehands in Japan are absolutely amazing. In the states though, it would have to be Madison Square Garden; simply because of the history it has. It's an awful place to actually work in, but it's worth it since it's NYC. As far as places I enjoy visiting; anywhere in Australia, England, and Hawaii. Tehe's some much to see everywhere, and it's all stuff I'm not used to. Boston & Atlanta are my favorite in the U.S. Here's a shot I took during the first leg last year of T; thought you might like it. Enjoy!
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