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Originally Posted by brittc89 View Post
I dont know if Id go as far to say ever. I dont really know of any real innovations Brian Blade brought to the drum-set in a jazz setting. DOnt get me wrong, hes an incredible player, but I just think ever is a very strong word to be using in reference.
I definitely agree with you, he is a fine drummer, but in a way he is a better musician than a drummer. When one says "one of the bests ever" it's certainly has to be directed to an innovator. I saw Brian Blade many times and I love the way he plays on Joshua Redman's Elastic. To me, a good twist to modern drumming can be found in guys like Greg Hutchinson and Bill Stewart, from the "new school". To my opinion the all-timer innovator in jazz drumming will always be Jack DeJohnette.

Here are some cool links to those three, check it out:
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