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Default Re: Mike Portnoy Quits DT??

Originally Posted by mattsmith View Post
Not that anyone needs our input, but in the perfect world doesn't Danny Carrey seem like the logical next guy? I mean did Tool actually go through with that tour they were talking about a few months ago or have they for all practical purposes still sort of disbanded/or to use the press agent term are on hiatus?
My wife just saw Tool in concert a few weeks ago. For what it's worth, they're still an active band. That doesn't mean it can't happen though.

Then Avenged Sevenfold gives him another outlet and most likely a more lucrative financial incentive,
That I doubt. While AX7 may sell more records in the US, Portnoy is just a hired gun drummer. With DT, he's getting song writing royalties, co-producer credits on albums, director credits on DVDs, 1/5th of the touring income, t-shirts, etc. And what DT lacks in US sales, they make up for in Europe and Asia. They may not be a super popular band in any one country, they have the same level of popularity almost everywhere in the world. The song writing royalties would far outweigh sideman income.

However, being a sideman comes with far less headaches. He shows up, he plays, he goes home. With DT, he's in charge of almost everything, which brings a lot of pressure.

Dream Theater used to have a forum, and fans were viscous. People would just complain about everything, I don't like this song, why don't they play this live, the 3rd note of the 2nd chorus should have been different. It was so bad the band took down the forum.
Mike took a lot of the stuff personally, and even wrote a song about it "Never Enough".

I think the pressure of being everything to the band just got to him. But because it was such his baby, he couldn't let go of the responsibility and let someone else to do it for him. It became "all or nothing" for him.

.just in time for Portnoy to rejoin DT bigger than ever for summer 2012 touring season.

Look, you know that eventually those guys are getting back together.
100% agreed.
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