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Default Re: Mike Portnoy Quits DT??

Originally Posted by mattsmith View Post

...just in time for Portnoy to rejoin bigger than ever for dummer 2012 touring season.

Look, you know that eventually those guys are getting back together.
Sounds like a good plan. The interesting thing for me is that here is the guy who created this band but now it is something greater than himself and belongs to many other folks who depend on it for a living. He could have trademarked the name.

People dis Mike Portnoy but as he has said so himself, he has worked on a myriad of projects over the years and made them work. DT enlivened American progressive rock in a way that perhaps it had never been enlivened before. It certainly is a 'go against the tide" genre. The first thing you learn in this biz is the massive amounts of work it takes to get nothing done, and the massive amounts of work it then takes to break even. A guy like MP really shows how hard work and tenacity can make it all happen.

Avenged were taking it to the next level when the Rev passed so I think it is a great opportunity for him.
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