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Default Re: Mike Portnoy Quits DT??

Not that anyone needs our input, but in the perfect world doesn't Danny Carrey seem like the logical next guy? I mean did Tool actually go through with that tour they were talking about a few months ago or have they for all practical purposes still sort of disbanded/or to use the press agent term are on hiatus?

With all of us doing nothing here but playing armchair speculation, it would certainly look like Portnoy was getting tired of a lot DT type issues/ and who wouldn't after 20 years?/
Then Avenged Sevenfold gives him another outlet and most likely a more lucrative financial incentive, so at the very least he wanted to take a tour with them and see how it felt. Since he really is Dream Theater he probably felt he was entitled to call that shot if he wanted. Then one of the DT guys balked at the idea. There was one of those scraps with someone you're all too familiar with, Portnoy woke up without enough sleep and made a big announcement he couldn't back down from, so hello A Sevenfold.

In the meantime DT guys realizing it's all real start to scramble with numerous ideas that seem possible but don't work out, especially when you're talking about absurdly busy guys who will never allow themselves to be compared with the whole Portnoy/DT legacy thing anyway because of their own probably even larger iconic stature.

Enter Carrey. He's the age, the maturity, can certainly play at least one DT tour while this Tool thing is finally worked out/in the correct style while not carbon copying Portnoy/ and maintain the integrity of the band as people view it, and not give up any ego himself, because as we all know, if this happens, Tool will absolutely have their goofing around ways straightened out by 2012...

...just in time for Portnoy to rejoin DT bigger than ever for summer 2012 touring season.

Look, you know that eventually those guys are getting back together.
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