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Default Re: Steve Morrison - pro drum tech (Tommy Lee)

Originally Posted by ElvinBaRkerDennis13
yea....that is so true, i mean i never thought that i would begin to understand any of the stuff that you guys have to go through, frum running the monitors and stuff like you have to tune tommy's set, how bad is it, does he go through heads real fast? do you ever get tired of doing what youre doing?? i mean youre ALWAYS on the road! is there a training thing you did...i mean...i feel like the definite best thing next to BEING a pro drummer is being a drum tech...i mean could you tell me? thanks freakin rock!!!
Thank you bro!!! All you cats on this site are cool as hell! He goes through heads quite a bit. They stay in tune for the whole show though, which is nice. I'm using DW Tunerz on all the drums. Check those things out; Bozzio helped design them. They're great! There's some previous posts I wrote about the head situation in more detail. I don't mind being on the road too much; I've gotten pretty used to living out of a couple of suitcases... I've never gotten tired of my job really- it's not that bad, you know? :) The only sort of training was being a drummer for about 12 years before I started teching. I studied classical percussion(marimba mostly), & jazz percussion(vibes & kit) for 4 years during college, so that of course didn't hurt either. In addition, I read up on all the gear that comes out every year. Building a good rapport with the various equipment manufacturers is extremely important. Without their support, I'd be pretty screwed. I hope that answers your questions...

I'll be posting some new pics in the near future as requested... One more week until the tour starts up again... it's starting to get busy!!!! Keep stickin' it!
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