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I've played alot of 'em over the years, and of course I'm going to say "Tama" because that's what I've just recently acquired.

However, as I did my research back into the company that I originally bought into back in 1984, I'm coming up with "Tama" all over again, simply because they're a complete drum company.

Of course, I also view Yamaha and Pearl that way too, but Tama really did it first. They have top flight hardware, regular drums, snare know how some people buy a Ludwig snare, but they'll have another kit? Or a Gretsch kit, but they use DW pedals? I think in Tama's case, you could have them outfit everything you need, and it will be good.
Sonor's the same way. But for me Tama edges them out, too.

The Pro Drum Shop in Hollywood literally started their business back in the '50s based on the fact that you could customize your set however you wanted. People loved Ludwig drums, but they hated that rail consolette tom mount. So along comes Pro Drum and they tell the customer, you can pick your drums, and your hardware, and we'll put it together for you. And that's how it used to be. Along comes Tama, and the need to 'mix and match' suddenly becomes a thing of the past because everything they made was good! Funny, eh?
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