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Default Re: Mike Portnoy Quits DT??

I have enjoyed DT over the years and met Mike Portnoy, but in all honesty I think the group needs to move on. I must admit to losing interest in them over the years as they didn't seem to evolve very much as a group. Of course what they did do is marvelous for musicianship and I have a ton of respect for everyone in the group, but I think they just kinda stayed in their little niche while others took what they learned from DT and moved forward with it. Mike is such an integral part of their sound that I don't think they can actually continue on as DT anyway, kinda like Rush would be without wouldn't be Rush.

Mike totally rocks, and I know we will be seeing more of him. Perhaps a whole lot more of him! It is entirely possible that this change could mean a refreshed outlook and he can break out of the mold that DT created. I'd like very much to hear how he handles an entirely different genre, though A7X isn't much of a stretch from DT.
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