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Default Re: Mike Portnoy Quits DT??

Strange.....I've always been taught that the general concensus for your own band is.....NEVER LEAVE!!

Too much to lose down the road. I'll use the example of Aussie act The Little River Band. One by one the founding members left, leaving new guys to come to the forefront....only to be banned from using the name (and a lot of other things) years later. In their case, not one original member left, but the newcomers have all rights to the LRB brand. They are just one example. Guns 'n Roses are another......Axl retains all rights to the G 'N' R brand purely because the others left.

Personally, I'd rest it, put it on a hiatus....whatever. But I'd hang on tight to that which I created. You never know what you may want to do in the future.
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