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Default Re: Get yo Meinl out!

Sorry i don't have any pics right now.......I just bought these about a month ago and haven't had a chance to take pics yet.

My set up:

14 Byzance Medium Heavy Dry or Dark hats (i think?)
18 Byzance Extra Dry thin crash
18 Byzance Dark Crash
17 Byzance Dark Crash
20 Byzance Sand Ride

I am in love with these cymbals, especially the Extra Dry Thin Crash and the Sand Ride!

I started out going after the same set up as Benny Greb, but ended up with a bit of a variation. The hats i have are the ones he used to use before the sand hats came out. I got a really good deal on these hats so i couldn't turn them down. The Dark crashes were also available at a discount versus ordering the 18" thin jazz series crash that Benny uses.

As soon as the rest of my Craviotto kit shows up(waiting on the bass drum and one more tom), i'll have these pies set up permanently in my drum room and will be taking a bunch of pics.
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