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Default Re: New band, impromptu show.

Originally Posted by Pkaneps View Post
So I just started a new band, we've got a few songs but none of them really down.

We were at a bar the other night that we go pretty often (pretty laid back place), and their band didn't show up. So one of the guys went and asked if we could play since we had most of our stuff with us and the drums were about 5 minutes away. They said yes. We probably would have just jammed some bluesy rock stuff, but our guitarist didn't want to.

My question is, would any of you have done something like that?

I figure a few decent musicians jamming is better than silence.
I'd say go for it! What have you got to lose? Great just for the experience if anything and if you're concerned about ruining your reputation, just give them some bogus band name.
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